The Deer Hunter’s ‘Not So Lonely’ Widow!

Author: Linda Lee

I kissed my husband Jeff goodbye as he left to go ‘deer hunting’ with his buddies up north this weekend! My husband is the kind of guy who carries a spider outside, because he does not have the heart to kill it. I doubt he even brought his hunting rifle with him, as he would never shoot a deer unless it was with a camera! While my man is away, I will NOT  be a ‘lonely deer widow’ either…

I think it is as important for couples to have time apart, as it is to have time together!

Jeff and I have so much fun together, and really enjoy each others company. And I know that it’s important for him to have his ‘male bonding time’ and have fun with ‘just the guys!’ So while he goes hunting, I will be spending time with my girlfriends on our own ‘weekend getaway! We’re going to spend the night in a fancy hotel, go gambling and see Darius Rucker in concert on Saturday too! WOO-HOO….

Do you enjoy and appreciate time away from your spouse? Do you maybe look forward to it a little?

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