Blake Shelton Shares His ‘Sexy Man’ Advice!

Author: Linda Lee

No doubt about it, Blake Shelton is tall, dark and handsome man who truly oozes sex appeal. A naturally funny guy,  Shelton is ‘rich in personality‘ and lights up any room he happens to be in. No surprise whatsoever that Shelton is representing his home state of Oklahoma in People magazine’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ edition! So what does Blake think sets him apart from other guys? Check out his sexy man advice‘ here….

Blake recently confided to CMT Hot 20 Countdown, that ‘sexy’ starts from the bottom up, so to speak! And he’s not talking about his booty either, he’s talking about a guy’s choice of shoes!

“I think that men should wear shoes that if there’s an emergency, they’re gonna be able to help, and when guys are walking around in flip-flops or sandals, bowling shoes … or whatever in the hell some of that stuff is they’re wearing … I’m thinking, ‘OK, if there’s a fire, I’ve gotta get the women and children and you out of this building.'”

(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)

OK….you gotta admit, that is a pretty sexy ‘hero-man‘ way of thinking, even if you do not necessarily agree with his train of thought! I also think that his cowboy boots are VERY HOT!

I always notice a mans shoes too and think they actually say a lot about a guy! And for some reason, I have always found that those yellow, ‘construction-type work boots’ are SUPER sexy!

I love the fact that America has been able to see first hand what kind of guy Blake really is, during his stint as a judge on The Voice. What you see is what you get with this charismatic charmer! I just wish we could all be a fly on the wall and hear the ‘sexy-man’  banter between Shelton and his buddy and Sexiest Man Alive cover-guy Adam Levine!

So LADIES: What things do YOU find ‘super-sexy’ about your man?

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