Just like every other year, the search engines were alive in a blaze of trendy glory as people searched far and wide for the most important people and things of the year. It seems 2013 brought on a slew of dysfunctional, ridiculous and completely obvious searches.

Each year, Yahoo! releases a mini-site full of the most talked about for the year and 2013 offered a wide array of excitement. From twerking to Justin Bieber and all the way to Obamacare, here are the 10 most searched terms on Yahoo for 2013:

10. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has had a pretty ridiculous year. From his public relationship (and break up) with Selena Gomez to getting caught with marijuana about 47 times, the Biebz couldn’t seem to keep his head down enough. But it wasn’t all bad, towards the end of 2013 he launched Music Monday, a 10-week series of brand new music for his fans.

9. iPhone 5

While the iPhone 5 was officially released near the end of 2012, it was Apple’s push for the new iPhone 5S that pushed this search into the charts. While many forecasted that sales would be low and the new phone was overrated, the numbers spoke highly when it became one of the best selling devices of the year.

8. Jodi Arias

Another year, another high profile court case. Jodi Arias hit news in early 2013 when she admitted to killing her boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008 but what could have been an easy case, was quickly spiraling out of control when she pled self-defense. Nearly five months of court hearings made this one of the most publicized cases of the year. Especially since Arias granted the media into the court room, had a friend tweeting her thoughts and even selling sketches of the hearings. After five months, Arias was found guilty of first-degree murder.

7. Amanda Bynes

Never give a girl a Twitter account who may be literally off her rocker. Such is the case of Amanda Bynes, who officially retired from acting late last year only to be skyrocketed back into the media when she went total Britney and started wearing wigs, taking awkward photos of herself and not to mention that random fire she lit in a stranger’s driveway. Thankfully, there were no random fights with umbrellas like Miss Spears is famous for but Bynes did end up in a mental health institution towards the end of 2013 and has since made great progress in her mental health.


6. Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act made its debut October 1, 2013 and while the big picture looked bright, the technical difficulties, the opposition, the confusion and a slew of other factors made its debut less than glamorous. In fact, ABC News reports that only six people could successfully sign up for the ACA on the first day and a mere 248 the second day. The initiative is a nationwide blanket of health care for those individuals who weren’t covered in the past, had pre-existing medical conditions or were self-employed.

5. Selena Gomez

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and that’s quite the case for Selena Gomez, who started the year with a massive breakup from Justin Bieber (#10 search). While the year seemed to be a downward spiral of negativity, Gomez found a way to make the year work in her favor: a brand new album, a massive nationwide tour, plenty of awards under her belt and a social media following that would make anyone jealous.

4. Minecraft

Gamers united all over the world with the release of Minecraft, a simplistic video game full of building cities, fighting monsters and inspiration for a slew of cosplay ideas.

3. Kate Upton

Seriously. She’s probably the hottest girl there is so coming in third is no surprise. This model-turned-international-celebrity graced tons of magazine covers, had a bit of tabloid moments with her dating life and basically… well her chest was plastered on every newsstand so who’s really surprised here?

2. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian had quite a year. After her divorce with Kris Humphries came to head in 2011, Kardashian has been a staple in the media ever since. In 2013, she saw the start of a serious relationship with rapper Kanye West, a brand new baby girl North West, an official divorce from her 72-day marriage with Humphries and a multi-million dollar engagement in San Francisco. Not to mention the push of her Kardashian clothing company Dash, the continuation of her reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians and more selfies than anyone ever could possibly post. It was quite a year for Kim!

1. Miley Cyrus

The least surprising person on the ‘most searched’ list is Miley Cyrus, who shook the world by putting her Hannah Montana image to death, cutting off her hair, licking sledgehammers, twerking on Robin Thicke and… whatever that whole “We Can’t Stop” video was. Not to mention her endless naked photos from photographer Terry Richardson, riding a wrecking ball completely nude and giving a middle finger to the entire entertainment world, Cyrus made 2013 her pin cushion and did everything she could to stay in the spotlight.


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