Keith Urban Is Having Fun On ‘Idol’ This Season

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Keith Urban is the only returning judge from last season on American Idol this week when it returns to FOX with Jennifer Lopez rejoining after a season off and Harry Connick, Jr. joining the judges’ panel. Urban is expecting the best season yet on the show.

Keith Urban shares with The Dr. Don Show with Rachael and Grunwald, “The very first day that J-Lo, Harry and I got on set, it just felt like we’d been doing it a long time. And in theory, it seemed like it was going to work, and for us, it worked perfectly. So, I hope it comes across that way, ‘cause I’m certainly, I’ve never had as much fun as we’re having this season, so that’s a good thing.”

Keith Urban is the latest country musician to weigh in on the ongoing conversation about what’s country music and what isn’t. While some people may say that the traditional roots that defined the genre are disappearing from contemporary country music, Keith says those roots haven’t gone anywhere. Urban tells Michigan’s M Live, “It’s never changed. If people really really were country fans, they’d know it’s always been there, in every single decade.” Urban acknowledges that the genre has absorbed inspirations from pop music over the years, but he says that it’s always been that way. He shares, “It’s been that way since the ’50s. That period, the mid-to-late ’50s, when rock ‘n’ roll exploded; it started to take over the country audience. Guys like Chet Atkins intentionally started to put string sections on country songs, which had never been done before.” And Keith says that the definition of country music transcends more than just sound. Urban says, “It’s a spirit. I’ve always thought that. Country is a state of mind. At the end of the day, people decide what they want to call it, if they want to call it anything.”

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