Scary ‘Devil Baby Prank’ On New Yorkers Goes Viral! [Video Here]

Author: Linda Lee

Let me set the record straight right off the bat: This is NOT a real baby. It’s a remote-controlled,  animatronic creation that was created to promote the upcoming movie “Devil’s Due.” A creative PR firm used this ‘Devil Baby’ to ‘prank’ and surprise random New Yorkers, and their hidden and videotaped reactions has become a viral internet sensation. WARNING: This is NOT a video you want the kids to see, and it may give adults nightmares too. Watch the ‘prank video’ here….if you dare!

Thinkmodo is the NYC-based viral marketing company that does outrageous things to grab attention for their clients, many are to promote movies about to be released and create a ‘buzz.’

This FAKE ‘Devil Baby’ has definitely gotten way more attention for the horror movie “Devil’s Due,’ than it would have otherwise. The little clip at the end confirms that this is a movie that I personally will NEVER watch, because horror movies freak me out!

“Devil’s Due” is the story of a young married couple who discover the baby she’s carrying is actually the spawn of Satan, and that is why Thinkmodo dreamed up this stunt that has definitely worked to promote the movie.

What horror movie totally FREAKED you out? Do you still watch horror movies, love or hate them?

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