Texting Brings The Family Closer Together?

Author: Linda Lee

Texting gets a bad rap for keeping us from having face to face conversations but a new study reveals texting may actually help tighten the family bond! I for one am surprised by this ‘new study’ that say the exact opposite of what I thought. It drives me CRAZY when my kids are sitting with us either visiting, or having dinner and they whip out their phones…

Researchers at the University of Nebraska found that over half of the women said they believe texting helps connect and enhance relationships with their families.

60-percent said they rarely lie in a text and 80-percent said they were more likely to express their feelings honestly through text than in person.

I will say that texting is a better way to keep track of the kids, as they WILL answer a text right away, versus me calling them and they hardly ever answer the phone and rarely call me right back!

Has texting brought your family closer together?

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