Take A Peek At A Few New Super Bowl Commercials

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

The Super Bowl is this Sunday and while the majority of people are watching for the action of the game, many people also look forward to the commercials. Starting at $4 Million for a 30 second commercial, companies are really looking to get the most for their money. Some companies have even skipped the waiting and put out some of their commercials before the game.

Here are four of those commercials. GoDaddy.com is up first and this year they have gone almost completely opposite from past commercials. After last year getting negative reaction from the super model kissing the nerd, GoDaddy.com  this year shows women as small business owners. Danica Patrick is in this commercial, still as the face of GoDaddy.com.

Axe Body Spray is also moving away from the sex, releasing the Super Bowl ad for its new fragrance, called Peace, that shows militaristic scenes in different countries that end up with couples embracing.

The next commercial, featuring the Budweiser Clydesdales and an adorable puppy, definitely pulls on your heart strings and makes you feel all warm inside, in typical Budweiser fashion.

The Cheerios ad features an interracial family (seen in an early ad that drew racist criticism) telling their daughter, Gracie,  that she’s going to be a sister. Watch and see how she takes the news.

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