Worst Product Flops Of All Time!

Author: Chuck Edwards

“If it aint broke, don’t fix it!”  I guess some of the biggest companies in the world haven’t ever really played by that phrase.  Many companies try to cash in on the popularity of one thing, but they end up falling a bit short.  Here is a list of some of the BIGGEST product flops in history!

Yahoo came out with a list of some of the biggest flops in history.  Now, some of these things I actually liked, but others…not so much.

The first on their list was the Arch Deluxe from McDonalds.  At the time, this was actually one of my favorite things at McDonalds.  While the taste of this burger wasn’t the issue, it was the fact that it was about $1 more than the Big Mac at the time, and that they spent LOTS of money on advertising for the new burger.  It was just a matter of how much money it made compared to how much money was spent on it.  Either way, I still miss this burger!

Next was the Microsoft Zune.  While many people felt it was the anti iPod and that is why they bought it.  Well, they found out the hard way that it fell short in almost every way possible.  It froze a lot and in some cases stopped working all together because of many software issues.  Even Microsoft sees it was a wasteland, because they have basically abandoned the entire Zune brad.

Another classic was anything with olestra in it.  Mainly, the WOW! branded chips.  Olestra was something used in many snack foods, which was a fat substitute.  While the chips had a BOOMING success when the first came out, they had a really bad affect on the human body.  Does the word “leakage” come to mind?

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