Billboard Teams Up With Twitter For New Real-Time Charts

By Shannon Carlin

The Billboard charts have officially entered the Twitterverse.

Today (March 27), Billboard announced they’ll be teaming up with Twitter to compose charts in real-time. The charts, which will debut in the upcoming weeks, will keep track of conversations people are having about music through the tweets they’re sending.

The charts, which will live on and will be shared through Billboard’s twitter account, will look at top tracks being “discussed at the moment and over an extended period of time on Twitter.” The charts will also keep track of the most talked about and shared songs by new artists.

According to Billboard this new form of charting will “reshape for consumers and the industry the way music success is measured.”

This new partnership also continues the integration of new technology into their rankings. In 2010, they started the Social 50 artist chart, which collects data from social networking sites. In 2012, the Hot 100 charts started taking streaming services into account, developing a streaming charts that uses date from Spotify and YouTube.

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