If you haven’t realized it yet, today is April Fools’ Day and that means pranks. It is hard to go on the internet today and believe some of the stories or new products being announced today. We’ve looked around and collected some of our favorite pranks.

BeardSwipe App

iStrategy Labs released their latest app, which allows users to unlock their iPhone with their beard. The app uses beardprint recognition technology (BRT) to capture a man’s unique follicle pattern, sorry ladies.


Bryan Cranston Pickle

Since Breaking Bad ended, it seems Bryan Cranston has teamed up with a leading British food brand to create a unique and delicious sandwich pickle. According to Firebox.com, the pickle spread has an “iconic sky blue colour and Heisenberg hat screw-top lid it’s destined to become an instant household favourite. Does it contain chunks of 99.1% pure crystal methamphetamine? Quite probably. Though the recipe is a closely guarded secret… It possesses a distinctive and curiously addictive flavour, so if you’ve not tried this potent pickle before, maybe your best course is to spread lightly.”

The website also lists that the product is “suitable for vegetarians. Not advisable for recovering meth addicts.”


The automaker is “introducing” a G-Force simulator called Force Injection Booster. The device simulates the effects of g-force inducing speed, even when driving around town. When the “device” is activated under 20mph, the Force Injection Booster (FIB) extracts kinetic energy from the car’s engine and converts it to positive g-forces. Picture sticking your head out the window while driving down the highway, without having to stick your head out a window.

HTC and Samsung

The cell phones companies both will be “releasing” smartgloves to make their smartphone experience better. The HTC Gluuv would connect with the One M8 and the Samsung Fingers featured solar panels, video calling and more.

Virgin Airlines

The airline released a YouTube video showing their newest in air feature, Total Temperature Control (TTC). It would allow passengers to create their own personal climate controlled environment thanks to Nest Thermostats.

Domino’s Pizza

The pizza chained announced The Edibox. It would be the world’s first 100% edible pizza box. We might try this one out.


Google announced they would be introducing Auto Awesome Photobombs, which allows the user to get a celebrity photobomb in their photos. The first celebrity announced for the project is David Hasselhoff.


The video hosting site shared their #NewTrends and upcoming Viral Video trends in 2014. No one can obviously predict what the trends will be, but we expect a few mentioned in the video will catch on.

Oakland University

Oakland University decided to launch a new class called, Post Apocalyptic Studies. According to their website, the class “will provide the necessary skills to not only survive as an individual in an apocalyptic aftermath, but to contribute in a meaningful way. Blending theory and hands-on experience, students will take the required core courses and then choose one of three concentrations; Back to Basics, Rebuilding a 21st Century Society, or Health and Wellness.”

Wayne State University

If you visit their website, you might see someone famous in their photos. Kevin Bacon can be spotted on the website.

Did we miss a prank you saw online? Leave a comment below, with the link, and we’ll add it to the list!


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