‘No Blending’ For Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert!

Author: Linda Lee

Miranda Lambert is still crazy about her handsome husband Blake Shelton, and has come to terms with their ever-increasing popularity and being targeted by paparazzi & rag magazines. But when it comes to the blending of their names as a ‘celebrity couple,’ that is where she draw the line. She says ‘Bliranda‘ or ‘Shelbert‘ are just “not pretty!”

While Kim Kardashian & Kanye West may be known at “Kimye,” when it comes to blending her name with Blake’s, Miranda Lambert recently told  People magazine:

“Thank goodness our names don’t make a celebrity name, I mean ‘Bliranda’? That’s not pretty.”

Miranda went on to say that she really does not care what other people think, or what they call them:

“I love just being his wife and watching him do his job, and he does the same for me,…we’re proud of each other, but we are very much Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. We do the things we sing about in our songs. We go four-wheeling, we back-road, we fish, we eat at my mother-in-law’s at least twice a week.”

There are some names that actually don;t sound too bad when you ‘blend them together’…like us, Chuck Edwards & Linda Lee. We could be known as “Chucklee!” That is actually kinda funny! What about YOU?

If you blended your name with your partner’s name, what would it be?

Bliranda is NOT pretty
Chuck & Casey=Ca-Suck




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