Is This Maybe Why You’ve Been ‘Un-Friended?’

Author: Linda Lee

While technology is changing every single day, some things never change! Many friends have parted ways due to strong and different opinions in regards to politics and religion. So it’s not too surprising, that while there are many reasons to “unfriend” people on Facebook,  the most common reason for culling a virtual friendship is polarizing opinions on you got it: “religion and politics.
Adults are most likely to unfriend acquaintances from school, which could be because people’s views change over the years so they have less in common than they did.

The other big reason for unfriending is frequent, uninteresting posts.

I thought when you ‘unfriended’ someone on Facebook, that they would not even know that I did it, as the one and only time I did it, it was just so I did not have to see all of this persons posts anymore. But MUCH to my surprise, they knew right away and sent me a scathing personal message about being ‘unfriended by me.’ I was not expecting that at all and I sure did not mean to hurt their feelings, but that’s what happened.

Why did YOU unfriend someone, and did they call you out on it afterwards?

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