Adam Levine Gets Blake Shelton Back For Tweeting His Phone Number

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

You knew Blake Shelton had to suspect that some kind of payback from Adam Levine, his buddy and competing coach on The Voice would be coming his way after Blake revealed Adam’s personal cell phone number on the popular TV show as well as trashing Adam’s new lighter hair color.

It’s doubtful that Blake, who’s a great practical joker himself, suspected he would watch a load of horse dung be dropped into and onto his shiny red pickup truck, but that’s exactly what happened. The incident happened Monday night and all Blake could do was standby and watch two loads of manure drop all over his favorite ride.

You’d think they might be even, but…maybe not.  One of the other celebrity coaches, Usher, claims that Blake “was mad” and insinuated that this feud is far from over.  “I just don’t want to be in that (expletive).  Leave me out of it”.  Usher warned, “if he puts cow dung on my Benz, we’re having problems backstage”.  Stay tuned.

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