Did Ben Affleck REALLY Call Jack Shell?

First, the photographic evidence.  Here’s Batman in Royal Oak just keeping to himself, when he was ambushed by CBS sister station reporter, Zahra Huber of Newsradio 950 WWJ.

Ben clearly has exquisite taste, seeing he’s won Academy Awards, and is married to the beautiful Jennifer Garner, so naturally, while he’s staying in Metro Detroit, he’d tune into 99.5 WYCD’s midday personality and check in on his daily Lunch On Demand show… OR DID HE?

Listen here:

Ben Affleck Called Jack Shell


Don’t buy it?  Good… you shouldn’t.  “Ben” was portrayed by WYCD webmaster and staff photographer Steve Wiseman.  No telling if the Afflecks have actually ventured into Downtown Royal Oak at all, and it’s rather unlikely they’d shop such a store for any reason… but you never know.

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