Feeling Rejected By No Comments & No ‘Likes?’

Author: Linda Lee

If you have ever posted a Facebook status that garnered few if any likes or comments and then spent the rest of the day feeling rejected, lonely and unhappy, you are not alone.
Researchers have found that the more Facebook likes and comments a person receives, the more likely they are to feel good about themselves. Unfortunately, the opposite appears to prove true too…

The fewer likes and comments your Facebook status receives, the worse you’re generally going to feel.

Truth is that we all have the need to feel liked.  So if you see a friend’s status update that hasn’t generated any responses, show them some love by clicking “like. Why not, after all if they are your friend on Facebook, it’s a simple way to say “Hey, I LIKE you!

But sometimes people post dirty laundry and super negative stuff, and worse yet use potty mouth bad language, which I will never ‘like’ no matter what!

Does a lack of comments or likes on a FB status bum you out?

Facebook depression?





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