Easton Corbin Reveals His Starstruck Moment With Merle Haggard

Author: Linda Lee

Easton Corbin is a super cool guy who admits that yes, “he has ‘Googled‘ himself” and like us regular folk, he has been ‘starstruck‘ too! Corbin tells Edwards & Lee that meeting legendary Merle Haggard was quite a highlight in his career so far! What may surprise you the most is when he admitted that the ‘last person he kissed may have had ‘dog breath!” Find out here in our exclusive interview….

I just love talking to the hottest new young country artists ans getting to know them even better with ‘rapid fire’ questioning! When someone asks you a rapid succession of unusual questions and you do not have time to really think about your answer, the first thing that comes to mind can be pretty funny! Like this Edwards & Lee interview last month with Easton Corbin at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas when we found out the the ‘last person Easton kissed may have had dog breath!’

Rapid Fire with Easton Corbin

Here’s Easton Corbin with his latest single, “Clockwork”

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