Slew Of Celebs Respond To ‘Mean Tweets’ By Reading Them! [Funny Video]

Author: Linda Lee

We have talked about how people hiding behind a smartphone or computer screen will say the most horrible things on Twitter, and it seems this has become an ‘open season’ 24/7 to attack celebrities especially! Julia Roberts, Matthew McConaughey, Sofia Vergara and Ashton Kutcher are just a few of the celebs who helped Jimmy Kimmel make yet another YouTube video of celebs reading ‘Mean Tweets’ and this is pretty funny stuff! Disturbing too…

Sofia Vergara (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Yahoo News)

Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets #7

While this is pretty funny stuff, watching the celebs read mean tweets directed at them, it’s actually not funny that haters can and do attack people online with basically no repercussions. While we know that the majority of these weasel-like cowards would never have the nads to say any of this stuff face-to-face in person, words can and do still hurt.

Celebs have to develop a thick skin and not let this kinda crap get to them, but for everyday people, teens especially it’s a different story. The scope of ‘mean girl’ behavior has intensified sith this whole new era of ‘cyber-bullying’ and it’s not just teen girls who target individuals with a barrage of insulting and mean tweets and Facebook posts too.

How did you deal with a cyber-bully who targeted you?


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