Woman Issued Ticket After Facebook Post- Careful What You Post!

Author: Linda Lee

Anything you post on Facebook can come back to haunt you. Christine Adamski discovered that the hard way recently when she received a police citation in the mail because of her status update. Did you know that the police can use pictures or the things you post against you? Anything you say can and will be used against you….so you better be careful what you post for the whole world to see….

The letter stated that Adamski had brought her dog to the Dog Park without a permit and included an application for the permit, a ticket for $50, and a printout of Adamski’s Facebook post ”

Christine’s Facebook post read:

“I was feeling bad that I haven’t bought a pass and [have] been bringing Ginger there but I’m pretty glad I haven’t. So not going to worry about it until later.”

Should this even be allowed?

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