Work For Starbucks, Get A Free College Education!

Author: Linda Lee

This news will certainly get the attention of those who going to college and paying for it themselves! Or anyone who would like to go to college, but simply cannot afford it. Starbucks is partnering with Arizona State University to help their employees get a college degree while working as a barista…


This new  program is now available to 135,000 U.S. baristas who work at least 20 hours a week. Employees will be able to choose from a number of educational programs, and they won’t be required to stay at Starbucks after earning the degree.

For their freshman and sophomore years, students would pay a greatly reduced tuition after factoring in a scholarship from Starbucks, ASU and financial aid, such as Pell grants. For their junior and senior years, Starbucks would reimburse any money that workers pay out-of-pocket.

Did your employer help you get a college degree?

Great benefit for even part-timer!


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