Top 10 Country Songs For Summer

There’s nothing quite like driving along with the windows down on a sunny day and hearing the perfect song come up on the radio. Certain songs just feel like summer. Many of them fit in a few categories. You’ve got your relaxation songs, your party songs, your we-don’t-need-money-to-have-fun songs, and your got-to-get-away songs. The following list includes some of each, so enjoy and feel free to comment with what other songs you’d include on this list.

1. Beachin’ – Jake Owen

With a chorus that focuses on sunshine, sand and a cold beverage, this is a laid-back country summer song if there ever was one. You’ve undoubtedly heard this one a few times if you’ve been listening to country radio. Also featured this week on our site as one of the hottest men in country music, Owen is at the top of the charts thanks to this hit.

2. Somethin’ Bad – Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood

Sometimes summer means getting a little bit crazy, and Lambert and Underwood make quite the dynamic duo both vocally and as two ladies going out to paint the town. Just a unique and fun song to listen to, this song could definitely be the soundtrack for some summer partying.

3. River Bank – Brad Paisley

You don’t need money to get out on the water and have a good time. Sure, more money would be nice, but the main requirement for fun in the sun is friends, and that’s the message of this feel-good summer song.

4. Redneck Yacht Club – Craig Morgan

The theme of this song is essentially the same as the one before – hanging out with friends, drinking a beverage (or two …) and enjoying some time on the water in the sunshine.

5. Some Beach – Blake Shelton

Those days when nothing goes right and you are counting down the days to vacation? This song hits the nail right on the head, with Shelton wishing away all the little inconveniences of daily life and dreaming about the beach.

6. Pontoon – Little Big Town

This song combines the party element and the relaxation element. The tune is laid-back, but it’s all about friends hanging out on the water. It might just be the quintessential summer song. Listen to it in the midst of a long Michigan winter and you might just cry.

7. I’m Gonna Miss Her – Brad Paisley

For those who love to fish – and what better place to do so than in the not-too-hot sunshine of a Michigan summer? – this song is an instant classic. The man must choose between his girl and his fishing, and you can guess which one he picks.

8. Five O’Clock Somewhere – Alan Jackson

The ultimate ode to playing hooky, this song is all about making a getaway.

9. Knee Deep – Zac Brown Band

The water, the breeze, the sun, a getaway from reality – what more could you want in a summer song?

10. Where the Blacktop Ends – Keith Urban

A change of scenery always helps break up the monotony of the daily grind, and Urban’s song is all about moving out of the fast lane and enjoying a little bit easier pace.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these picks and look forward to seeing your favorite summer songs in the comments.

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