Celebrate The Stuff That Matter Most With Your Kids!

Author: Linda Lee

When your kid gets straight As, it’s cause for a celebratory dinner out, right? When they win a baseball game, there are loud cheers from the bleachers. But when that same kid helps an elderly neighbor with yard work, is there any kind of fanfare?
Probably not. And that may be behind a new survey that finds 80 percent of youth say their parents care more about their achievements and happiness than about whether they are being kind.

Wow…that pretty sad when you really think about it. Because I am sure there are lots of parents like me, whose most important goal as a parent was to raise my child to be kind, considerate, help others and have a ‘good heart.’


But I probably could have done a better job of ‘celebrating’ those moments when my daughter took it upon herself to help my elderly neighbor, like I did when her softball team won a game and I took them all to Dairy Queen. I guess I just did not think about it back then.

What is the nicest thing you witnessed your child do to help someone all on their own?



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