Garth Brooks Announces New Music, Record Deal, Tour, & More

The wait is over. During a live streaming press conference today (July 7), Garth Brooks took the stage to make a major announcements that are coming to country music fans. Doug Morris, CEO of Sony Music Entertainment started off the press conference with a big announcement. “I’m here to announce a record deal between Garth and Sony Music.” Morris added “if you get the chance to get Garth Brooks on your label “you just jump at it” and “we couldn’t be more excited about joining forces with Garth to bring new music to many people, all his fans around the world.”

Garth Brooks took the stage and spoke about his new music, the record, touring, and Ireland.

New Music

Garth told his audience that “the guys are telling me to keep it vague. … Sometime in the next two months? Yes.” Fans can expect the album somewhere around Black Friday. “The new record, I think, is what we would traditionally of as a double album, just because there’s a lot to say.” When asked about the styling of the new album, Garth responded with “will we do cowboys songs on this album? You’re damn straight we’ll do cowboy songs” and  the first single “might be one of the greatest statements ever.”

He did address that his new music is not “bro-country” or “hick hop”, it is “Garth music.”

If you can’t wait for new music, Garth spoke about how you can finally get his music digitally. “That will begin in the next two or three weeks.” Digital will be handled at “It will be the only place you can get Garth Brooks music” online, Garth said.


As for the upcoming tour, Garth Brooks said, “we’ll be announcing the opening city soon.” He spoke about a fan from one of his Vegas shows named Andy and how “he would be the first to know.” On July 14th, Garth will be calling Andy and will tell him where the tour starts. “What Andy chooses to do with that information is up to him,” said Garth.

For the upcoming shows, Garth hopes they “give you a show that makes you forget the ones in the ’90s. That’s our goal.”


On Ireland, he doesn’t have a clue what happened. The Irish fans who are disappointed over the cancelled shows, are “not one-billionth as sad as I am. I’m the loser in this,” Garth said. “The powers that can fix it, aren’t here. (pointing to himself)”


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