Jake Owen Converts Fans Who “Hate Country Music”

Be careful who you are around, when you say you “hate country music.” This happened recently to Ellen Casey, Terri Smith and Nancy Sitarz, who said it around Jake Owen. The three friends were celebrating their 50th birthday in Uncasville, Connecticut, where Jake was performing that night.

Ellen Casey told PEOPLE Country they were having a spa day, followed by margaritas at the pool when they say “these boys staring at us and I’m thinking they’re either going to pull something or they’re going to hit on us!” Those boys she was referring to were Jake Owen and his personal trainer.

“Terri was the one who said she hated country music and she didn’t believe he was anybody, so she wouldn’t even take a picture with him.” Despite the “hate,” Jake chatted with the group for an hour, even bought lunch and drinks.

“He asked us which one of us was the responsible one, so he knew what name to leave at will call. I told him that’s me,” says Casey. “And Terri is still not believing him! She’s like, ‘There’s not going to really be tickets.'”

Jake came through with the tickets and even talked about the ladies during his show. “Where’s Terri?” he called out into the audience. “I was eavesdropping at the pool today and overheard someone say they hated country music.” He ended up pulling the women onstage and they spent the rest of the show watching from Jake’s tiki bar.

Terri told PEOPLE Country that now she is a fan of country music. “I am especially a fan of Jake Owen – a huge fan. It was a weekend we’ll never forget!”


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