Brad Paisley’s ‘Moonshine in the Trunk’ Pool Party in Las Vegas

By Staff

Fancy a pool party? How about one that features Brad Paisley?

On Wednesday, Aug. 27, Paisley will headline a special poolside party at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas in celebration of his album Moonshine in the Trunk, which is set for release two days earlier (Aug. 25). Joining the “River Bank” singer will be Love & TheftLeah Turner and Dee Jay Silver.

“We’re going to have the best time,” Paisley told Riverside, Calif. station KFRG in an interview this morning about the Las Vegas show. “There’s something about that city.”

And for Paisley, there’s something about pools and water-themed parties, too. As KFRG noted, it almost seems as if he’s obsessed with aquatic activities.

“Seems like it, doesn’t it. I’ve had many a song about it,” Paisley admitted.

And a few videos as well, including the one for his current single “River Bank.” That video centers around a festive riverside party that features beer, bathing beauties and, perhaps most notably, a water-skiing squirrel named Twiggy.

The “River Bank” video also shows Paisley and his band playing while half-submerged in the water. Which led KFRG to wonder, didn’t that harm the instruments?

“I’m glad you were so concerned, thank you,” Paisley said. As he explained, those guitars were “not usable anymore.” Some of them, it turns out, had been damaged in the flood that hit downtown Nashville four years back (Paisley lost guitars, amps and other equipment in that flood). “We basically strung em back up and tried to make them as playable as possible.”

Brad Paisley with Twiggy on the “River Bank” video shoot (photo by Ben Enos, courtesy Schmidt Relations)

Don’t expect Paisley to repeat that feat at the Cosmopolitan. He’ll almost certainly keep his guitars on dry ground. “I’ve learned what water does to instruments the hard way,” he said.

Tickets go on sale Thursday, July 24 at 10am PT (1pm ET). Fans will also have the chance to win tickets to the show—stay tuned to your local CBS station or for details.

Moonshine in the Trunk hits stores and digital outlets on Monday, Aug. 25.

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