50 Musicians Pose With Their Ridiculously Adorable Pets

When it comes to selfies, nothing makes one better than having your pet in the picture. Not just because cats (and dogs) run the internet, but that doesn’t hurt to put a little something cute and cuddly in the shot and up your endearing factor to off-the-charts.

We pulled together 50 shots of musicians with their pets — they’re on horses, they’ve got puppies, some are crazy cat lovers and more than a few pigs. We even found a bunny and a snake (not together). So indulge in the cuteness. Lose yourself in the furries. Cuddle up to something animalistic with this big-hearted, pet-loving crew.



1. Miley Cyrus with her pig Bubba Sue and one of her dogs, Emu


2. Jennifer Hudson and her dogs Oscar, Grammy and Dreamgirl



3. Ice-T and his dogs, Spartacus and Maximus


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