By Linda Lee

I am known in my circle of friends and family as the ‘Bonfire Queen‘ and it is a title that I have totally earned over the years! As Captain Morgan once said in a TV ad…”if you cannot see it from outer space, then it’s not really a bonfire! ” I got a big laugh out of this list of the ‘top 7 bonfire buzzkillers’ from and just in time for all the end of summer bonfires all over the Motor City, I wanted to share with all my bonfire loving friends!

Linda Lee's bonfire“Top 7 Bonfire Buzzkillers”

1) The Clumsy Drunk. We all know ‘that person’ who makes everyone else a nervous wreck as they teeter around a raging fire to go get yet another beer!

2) The Pyro. That would be ME……the fire can NEVER be big or tall enough to satisfy my inner pyro, Even when all my friends are moving their chairs back ANOTHER 3 feet away, I still pile on more logs!

3)  The Complainer. The fire is too hot, not hot enough or smoke keep coming at them. I say: Whatever….then go home!

4) The Awkward Conversation Starter. Nobody sitting around a bonfire wants to hear about your health issue, marriage problems or how the engineering staff on your job is incompetent. No politics or religion either…not the time or place.  If you don’t have anything funny or positive to talk about, then just keep your trap shut!

5) Peer Pressure Guy/Girl. Just because you LOVE Jagermeister shots or Summer Shanty beer does not mean everyone else has to drink some…come on….just have some. No means NO!

6) The Cranky Neighbor. Thank goodness I don’t have one of these, but we all  know ‘that person’…the miserable one with no friends who hates to see or hear anyone else having fun and has the number to the local police memorized. UGH!!!

7)  YOU. if the bonfire is at your house and you feel like it’s time to ‘call it a night’ before the rest of your friends are done, and you are like “I am done, bonfire out, party over’….people will think twice about coming over next time. If you wanna hit the hay early, let your friends stay and party and last man standing puts the fire out!

I seriously thought that Craig Morgan had a spy camera at my house when he released this song….LOVE IT!

Funniest thing that ever happened at your bonfire?



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