By Linda Lee

If you struggle with managing your personal finances, take heart. Most people are not confident that they can handle their finances very well. One in four people wish they didn’t even have to deal with their finances at all, and only 8% say they have a good grip on them. Managing money in a marriage can often be a source of arguments and stress, and I have learned that if one person is ‘better at managing money,’ then the other person should let them do what they do best!

Just because you are not good at managing money does not mean you are not a good or smart person either. If you are not good at managing money and are willing to concede to that fact, if you do not have a spouse or significant other who is good at it, perhaps you could enlist a friend or family member who IS good at managing money to help and advise you!

Most people learn about finances from their parents. That sounds good but if your mom and dad don’t have good financial habits, it’s highly likely that you won’t be either.


Linda Lee & Her Mom Betty

Linda Lee & Her Mom Betty

ADVICE MY MAMA GAVE ME: I lucked out, as my Mom is VERY good money manager and I listened and followed all of her advice. She advised me to pay a little extra on my home mortgage whenever possible and pay off the house early and save a TON of money that would have gone to interest instead. Even as little as $50 towards the principle can add up on a 30 year mortgage, and save THOUSANDS of dollars and pay off your house up to 7 years earlier!

My mom also told me to ‘live within my means’ and DO NOT rely on credit cards to buy things. If you cannot afford to pay cash for something, SAVE your money and then pay cash. This advice served me very well. I NEVER charge anything on a credit card that I cannot pay off IN FULL when the bill comes, and therefore I pay ZERO INTEREST too!!

 How do you decide who manages the money in your family?


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