Kellie Pickler Previews Fifth Album, Talks Performing with Kenny Rogers

By Annie Reuter

Kellie Pickler is in the beginning stages of her fifth studio album. In a recent interview with Billboard, the country singer talked of making the follow-up to 2013’s The Woman I Am.

“I’m in the whole songwriting and song-picking process,” she told Billboard. “We’re in the very early stages of working on it. It’s always great to have new music out—to freshen up the set list, and it’s exciting for the country fans. They are always eager to have new music.”

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Pickler said when she works on an album, she typically lives with the music for a year.

“Then you send it off for the copies to be made, and the artwork to be produced and distributed. That takes months,” she said. “So you’ve lived with the album for almost a year before anyone hears it. Then, by the time it comes out, you’re ready for the next one, because you’ve sung it a million times—but not for anyone outside of your circle.”

While she didn’t give any clues as to the direction she’s headed, she did reveal what it was like to perform with Kenny Rogers last October. After having recorded his song “Someone Somewhere Tonight” for her album The Woman I Am, Rogers contacted her to perform the song together at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium.

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“That was such a surreal moment for me,” she admitted.



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