Over 50% Of Kids Under 10 Now Have A Cell Phone!

Author: Linda Lee

A new survey that just came out said that the vast majority of parents believe that age 12 is ‘the right age’ for a kid to get their first cell phone. But contrary to that poll. today, over half (52 percent) of children under the age of 10 also have mobile phones, with 10 being the average age that kids get their first phone!
And over the summer, almost half of kids are using their phone for an extra two or more hours per day, with this time being spent calling and texting, playing games, using social media and messaging apps.

Forty-five percent of parents think that their child only spends up to one hour per day on their mobile, almost a quarter of kids admitted to spending up to four or more hours per day.

What do YOU think? How young is ‘too young’ for a kid to have their own cell phone?


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