Things That No Longer Matter After You Have Kids!

Author: Linda Lee

Everything changes the instant you have a child of your own! The things that mattered to you B.C. (before child!) don’t seem to matter so much anymore. Like taking pride in your vehicle, having a clean and tidy car. Even if that was super important to you before you had kids, with everything else on your plate, the inside of your car will most likely be quite a mess on any given day. Stray french fries in the backseat, ketchup stains on the seats and the list goes on & on. Here’s a funny list of ‘things that no longer matter once you have kids!’


A few things that no longer bother you after you have children:
-The inside of your car being a mess.

-Yelling at someone in public.

-Your mom.

-Kids throwing tantrums in public.

-Kids at restaurants.

-Looking like crap in public.

-Photos of kids and babies on Facebook.

-Parties that start early.

-Not watching something live on TV

-Sharing your food.

What no longer bothers you now that you have kids?

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