Maddie & Tae Talk About Being The ‘Girls In The Halloween Costumes’ [Podcast]

Author: Linda Lee

Dressing up for Halloween is not just for kids anymore! With Halloween falling on a Friday this year, there will probably be almost as many adults dressing up this weekend as kids. Only difference is adults will be hitting clubs and parties, while the youngsters go trick-or-treating! But we all remember at least one costume we wore as a kid  and Maddie & Tae have worn their fair share of Halloween costumes growing up and they both have some memorable ones. Listen here…

For Maddie, it was the time she dressed up as The Little Mermaid. She says, “It was rockin’, but I like fell every step because of that dang tail. I could not walk in it.”

In their “Girl in a Country Song” video, they’ve got guys who dress up as girls, and coincidentally, it was the Halloween that Tae dressed up as a guy that brings back a lot of memories for her. A couple of years ago the girls in her youth group back home decided to all dress up like guys. Tae decided she would be a redneck guy and she says:

When we talked to them, they hadn’t figured out what they were going to dress up as this year, but considering they’re both big fans of Pinterest, they’ve probably figured something out by now.

Info & audio courtesy of BMLG

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