Is Halloween ‘Neighborhood Hopping’ OK?

Author: Linda Lee

Is trick-or-treating all about the kiddies having fun, or the size and overall quality of the candy? Unless you live in a super rural area, or in an area where few neighbors pass out treats, why would many parents admit to taking their children to another neighborhood to trick or treat? This is  called “neighborhood hopping”, and some folks think it’s pretty rude!

2013 Halloween Dog Parade in NYC

Apparently this is one of those Halloween no-nos that divides parents right down the middle. I always LOVED seeing the little neighbor kids all dressed up knocking on my door, and almost always could recognize the ones I knew that lived nearby. When I lived in Westland, we lived in a subdivision with a ton of kids and I would go through several large bags of candy and sometimes even run out of candy because there were so many kids!

Now I live out in the country, on a dirt road with the houses kinda far apart, and am bummed out that since 2010, not one single kid has come ‘trick-or-treating’ at my house on Halloween. I still buy a huge bad of candy every year from Costco ‘just in case’….and then my husband and I end up eating it all over the next couple weeks.

How do you feel about neighborhood hopping? Is it rude or do you just want the kids to have a good time?

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