‘Bring Him Home Santa’

Author: Linda Lee

For the past few years we have posted the song/video for “Bring Him Home Santa” by The Song Trust.  We are bringing it back by popular demand, and as a reminder to remember all of our servicemen and women overseas and away from home for the holidays.

In 2007, a newly formed collaboration known as The Song Trust released this emotional holiday song called “Bring Him Home Santa.” Sung by an anonymous little girl who was 6-years old at the time, the girl is asking Santa to bring her father home for Christmas, the single shot to #29 on the Billboard Hot Country Chart, spawned a viral internet video that received over 600,000 views and solicited tens of thousands of comments from families with parents in the military in three short weeks. ~ Merrykidsmas.com

Following the success of that single, The Song Trust has recorded an entire album filled with songs that would continue to look at the Christmas season from a child’s unique perspective and be sung by real everyday kids. The result is the 2009 holiday release Merry Kidsmas.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this album will be donated to the USO to support our troops. If you like what you heard, click here to purchase!

Track listing:

1. “Box of Rocks”

2. “Wudolph (The Red Nosed Reindeer)”

3. “Bring Him Home Santa”

4. “Even My Daddy Sings”

5. “A Christmas Story”

6. “A Picture of Santa Claus”

7. “Two Front Teeth”

8. “Christmas Is”

9. “I Still Believe In You”

10. “Santa’s Magic Christmas Bag”

11. “Little Drummer Boy”

12. “What’s In The Box”

The Song Trust is a collaboration of writers and artists founded upon the belief that the powerful message of a song may be more moving than the delivery of a specific messenger or “star.” [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Joey+Rory[/lastfm] are members of The Song Trust, and Rory Feek is a contributing writer, organizer and producer of Merry Kidsmas along with producer Tim Johnson.

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