Blake Shelton Reveals “I’m Still Trying To Get Laid!” [VIDEO]

Author: Linda Lee

Before all the rag magazines have a heyday with this headline, let me make it clear that Blake Shelton is referring to his beautiful wife Miranda Lambert when he told Jimmy Kimmel: I’m still trying to get laid!” The always candid and funny Shelton describes how he tries to keep his wife happy, because even for this superstar it’s still true: ‘Happy wife = Happy life!’

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Jimmy Kimmel asks Blake during this hilarious interview if they are competitive with one another when it comes to awards shows, when they are both nominated in the same category, and Blake says “he makes it ALL about Miranda, wishes her luck and tells her he hopes SHE wins!” He explains here that just like other happily married men, “I’m still trying to get laid!”

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

How can you not love this down to earth, super funny guy? I saw a recent interview when Miranda admitted that Blake is the ‘eternally happy guy‘ that he appears to be, and he really helps keep her balanced by looking at the bright and funny side of life in the midst of all the chaos that they both live in with their super successful and separate careers!

Here’s Blake Shelton‘s latest music video for ‘Neon Light

Just to keep it fair and help his quest to keep his wife happy and make sure ‘Something Bad’ does not happen if they see this story, here’s his wife Miranda Lambert with her female partner in crime, Carrie Underwood!

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