Big Game ‘Party People’ Are Hilariously Stereotypical Here! [VIDEO]

Author: Linda Lee

We Americans just love to party! Just give us a reason and we will eat, drink and maybe be just a little too merry! We have a Big Game party at our house every year, and the people at Dude Perfect have created a hilarious video depicting the ‘stereotypical’ party people who just might be coming to your house this year too!

Linda Lee’s party food table!

I know these people…well not the actual people in this video, but they represent quite a few of the people who will be whooping it up at my house on Super Bowl Sunday! And I will be honest here too. I have absolutely zero interest in football or even the Big Game itself, but I LOVE having house parties and gambling on squares and watching the commercials!

YUMMY little footballs!

Who is the biggest FREAK you know at the Big Game party?

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