Chase Bryant Gets ‘LUKED’ By Edwards & Lee! [LISTEN]

Author: Linda Lee

Chuck Edwards will use every opportunity he can, to hone his Luke Bryan impersonation skills and pull a prank on an unsuspecting Luke Bryan fan. Armed with inside info that Chase Bryant was a big Luke Bryan fan, Chuck Edwards put his ‘prank’ plan in motion…


(Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

When Chase Bryant called in to talk about joining us tonight at the WYCD Ten Man Jam, Edwards & Lee told him that Luke was in the studio and wanted to talk to him! Listen how excited Chase was…until he found out he was being PRANKED instead!

In case you missed this yesterday afternoon….here’s what it sounds like when someone gets “LUKED” by Chuck Edwards!

I’m hoping that Chase Bryant who admitted that he too is a major ‘prankster’ will somehow get even with Chuck Edwards tonight at the Ten Man Jam! Stay tuned….



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