Biggest Loser Danni Allen Shares Quick Workout Tips

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Season 14 winner of the Biggest Loser, Danni Allen talks with me, Jason the DJ formerly known as the 300lb. Cowboy. Since my journey at weight loss began in November with Custom Health Center, I’ve lost 80 pounds! Danni herself went through an AMAZING transformation on the Biggest Loser. She lost 121 pounds during her time on the show and that was more than enough to win season 14!

Danni will be at two grand openings for the new Planet Fitness locations in Commerce Twp on Union lake Road, today from 5p-7p and Livonia  on 5 Mile Road, Friday from 4p-6p!

Danni and Jason talk about weight loss and how to do it healthy and correctly. Danni also gives a few tips for a quick workout while you’re on the go!

Season 14 Winner of Biggest Loser Danni Allen
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