Frankie Ballard’s ‘Young and Crazy’ Video Is Upbeat, Energetic

Not to condone going off the rails, but every so often a person’s got to get a little ‘crazy.’

Frankie Ballard is feeling this, too, which is why, as he sings in his current single “Young and Crazy,” he might “stay out all night” once in a while, “wake up with headaches” and even “go through some heartbreaks.” As he puts it on the song’s chorus, “How am I ever gonna get to be old and wise if I ain’t ever young and crazy?”

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Currently in the top 40 on the country airplay chart and rising, “Young and Crazy” is the third radio single from Ballard’s 2014 album Sunshine & Whiskey. It comes on the heels of “Helluva Life” and the title track, both of which reached No. 1.

Ballard debuted the video for “Young and Crazy” this past Saturday (Feb. 28) on CMT. If you’ve never seen Ballard live, the most performance-oriented video (directed by Glen Rose) gives a solid taste of the experience. The camera follows Ballard and his bandmates as they sweat it out on stage, while an audience of enthusiastic fans sings and shakes along. The energy is infectious.

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