5 Harrison Ford Close Calls in Movies

By Brian Ives 

In all seriousness, we’re glad he’s OK. But the fact that Harrison Ford walked away after crash landing his tiny vintage World War II era plane on a golf course (!) reminded us of the many times he’s cheated the grim reaper on the big screen.

Few other action heroes have found their way out of as many insane predicaments as he has over the years; snakes, planes, posses, Tommy Lee freakin’ Jones, and a sex slave-loving masochistic giant slug. We’re also wondering how Sigourney Weaver didn’t totally clobber him when she found out that he was hooking up with her hot secretary (Melanie Griffith) in Working Girl. All of this got us thinking about our favorite Ford escapes.

He Escaped a Snake Pit! (After Lowering Himself Into It) (Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981)

“Snakes…why did it have to be snakes?” They’re asps, he’s told. “Very dangerous.” And then, there it is: the classic Harrison Ford are you kidding me with this? look. But of course, our hero lowers himself into the pit to find the Ark of the Covenant. Not to say that Indy handled the situation with no sweat, but he did handle it. And by the way, friends, this was done in the pre-CGI era: the scene required 7,000 real, live reptiles. While many of them were relatively harmless sheltopusiks, there were also some cobras and pythons in the mix.

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