Puppies Pick Michigan State to WIN the NCAA Championship!

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Last night on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon had a special “panel” of puppies on the show to determine who would be the winner of the NCAA Championship. The Final Four consist of the Kentucky Wildcats versus the Wisconsin Badgers and the Duke Blue Devils versus our very own Michigan State Spartans.

In the past, The Tonight Show has had a puppy panel to determine the outcome of special sporting events. The panel is four puppies. The puppies are then let loose from their pen and are diected to a set of food bowls and which ever bowl gets the most puppies eating out of it, it the predicted winner. The puppy panel (well one of the puppies) predicted the winner of the Kentucky Derby. The next prediction was for the 2013 World Series and 2 out the 4 predicted correctly that the Boston Red Sox would win the Series and they did!

Now with The Final Four set, Jimmy Fallon needed to find out who would win this year. So He got the puppy panel back together and let them choose who they thought would win. It just so happened to be our MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS!

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