Brad Paisley is the Funniest Guy in Country Music: 5 Reasons Why

By Annie Reuter

Most fellow artists and country listeners will agree: Brad Paisley is among the funniest people in country music. It comes as no surprise then, that he’s been chosen to host Nashville’s Wild West Comedy Festival next week (April 16).

As host, Paisley will introduce and interact with each of the comedians that perform during the show—which of course will be a big part of the fun. Could this be the makings for a comedy show of his own? We can only hope.

Fans already know that Paisley likes to joke around and can make people laugh in lots of unique ways. But could he take this natural talent further? (Late-night television host, perhaps?) Below we lay out five solid reasons why comedy could very easily play a big role in Paisley’s future.

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