Big & Rich Talk Detroit Lions, Say They Feel Adopted by the Motor City [LISTEN]

Author: Linda Lee

Big & Rich were pleasantly surprised to hear that the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders wanted them to join them on the ACM Red Carpet for a special routine set to their music. As excited as they were about that, John Rich & Big Kenny tell us that last year’s Hoedown with the Pistons cheerleaders will still be hard to beat!

Big & Rich make no bones about it, Detroit is a special city to them! Reminiscing about their times here and the surprise ‘Freak Parade’ onstage at our WYCD Downtown Hoedown last year, we also find out that they have ‘BIG love’ for our Detroit Lions too!

I happened to have my GoPro camera handy when Big & Rich came onstage with the Pistons cheerleaders, band and mascot too at the 2014 WYCD Downtown Hoedown! Check this out!

Chuck Edwards played the roll of ‘buzzkiller‘ when he informed Big & Rich that the Detroit Lions do not allow cheerleaders, and also that the franchise refused to allow Cialis to advertise at Ford Field. Listen here as we all laughed throughout this entire interview with Jon Rich and Big Kenny who had a HILAROUS explanation as to why the Detroit Lions are ‘big enough’ to reject the advertiser !

Big & Rich with BRAvo bra

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