Kristen Wiig Should Totally Join ‘Game of Thrones’ After Playing Khaleesi on ‘Fallon’ [VIDEO]

Kristen Wiig is becoming accustomed to appearing on TV as anyone but herself. Following her GRAMMY performance with Sia, Wiig appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night (April 29) in costume as the Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen, from Game of Thrones.

She didn’t exactly have the backstory down. When asked about her real name, she said it was Karen and she came from the woods, where she lived in a dome house she built. Oh, and she named her dragon Carl.

Wiig also seemed very amused by the peep hole on her dress, including the contoured body parts it exposed.

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The Khaleesi bravely played a game of rapid-fire questions with Fallon, hilariously revealing that “hieeeeeee” is her favorite greeting and one of her hobbies includes doing “spells on people.”

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