Easton Corbin Says ‘Baby Be My Love Song’ is Just the Start & it’s ‘About to Get Real!’

Author: Linda Lee

Easton Corbin has been busy making new music and tells Edwards & Lee that “Baby Be My Love Song” is just a tease of whats to come on June 30th! because that is when it’s ‘About To Get Real’

That happens to be the title of his Corbin’s new CD, and Easton says he’ss super excited that “About To Get Real” will be released on June 30th!

Easton Corbin with Chuck Edwards & Linda Lee

Easton Corbin really is as nice as he seems and it’s always a pleasure to catch up with this rising star! Corbin vividly recalls his last trip to Detroit at the WYCD Ten Man Jam at the Fillmore when it seemed like it was 30-below-zero for the ‘thin-blooded’ Florida native!

We gotta get Corbin back in the Motor City during our beautiful summer season and make new and better memories for sure!

Here’s the video that Easton Corbin was referring to,  his latest hit “Baby Be My Love Song!”

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