An Expert Answers the Most Googled Beauty Questions

By Alia Ahmed-Yahia

It’s no surprise that Google is the number one source of information in the world. In a second a wealth of information can arrive at your fingertips on any subject imaginable. It’s also a great resource for asking the anonymous questions we want answers to but don’t feel comfortable asking face to face. While Google will return an abundance of information, it won’t do is weed out the credible sources for you.

In an innovative new partnership, cleverly named “GOOGELLE”, Elle magazine taps a team of credible experts to get us the right answers to the most Googled beauty questions online. Elle Beauty Director, Emily Dougherty, joins this week’s Style Scouting podcast to tell us the truth about hiding wrinkles, clearing up breakouts fast, when to get Botox and more answers to the most Googled beauty questions.

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