Interview: Canaan Smith’s ‘Bronco’ Tells a Heartbreaking Story

For Canaan Smith, the word “Bronco” is reminder of who he is, where he came from and where he hopes the road will take him. It’s taken from the most honest song he wrote on the album, a song inspired by his late brother Nathaniel who died in a car accident while driving a Ford Bronco.

“That Bronco has stuck with me my whole life,” Smith tells His voice is soft as he speaks of the song…and the memory of his brother. “That picture, that image of him driving a Bronco, that’s the central theme in my album.”

For good reason, then, the song “Bronco” is now the title track of Smith’s debut album, which dropped today (June 23).

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In “Bronco,” Smith sings of the hurdles his family went through after his brother’s death, especially his sister. “Leah has a hard time thinkin’ she’s older than you,” he sings. He admits it was tough to write, but at the same time he says it’s important to write the songs that hurt, and then to share those emotions with listeners.

“The best songs are the vulnerable songs, the ones that come from a place of experience and truth,” he explains. “I can’t share an honest picture of who I am with the world without including my brother in that story.”

After hearing Smith sing the song at a show, Luke Bryan, who also lost his brother, shared his condolences.

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