Dunkin Donuts Planning to Offer Delivery Service Soon!

Author: Linda Lee

By: Linda Lee

How cool would it be to have your ‘morning fix’ delivered right to you at home or at the office!  Here’s some good news for donut lovers, as Dunkin’ Donuts may be delivering donuts right to you by next year.

Starbucks, McDonald’s and Chipotle have already announced plans to test on-demand food delivery and now you can add Dunkin Donuts to that list!


Since the trend in this country is convenience, Dunkin’ Donuts sees delivery as the next frontier in serving consumers that are more technology savvy than ever, and expect service providers to keep pace.

While Jimmy John’s really DOES deliver on their promise of ‘freaky FAST’ delivery, I doubt that Dunkin’ will use a play on words and promise ‘freaky fat’ deliveries!

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