With ‘Inside Out,’ Pixar Scores a Victory—But It Hasn’t Yet Won the War

For a few years, something went wrong in the land of Pixar. And with any luck, two films in 2015 will put the venerable 3D animation studio back on track.

OK, let’s back up a second. By ‘went wrong,’ we don’t mean things were all bad. They weren’t. Pixar continued to churn out hits at the box office once the 2010s hit, and it certainly gained its share of accolades and acclaim. 

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But  a couple of things happened, including the fact that Pixar started trying more sequels, from Cars 2 to Monsters University

And that’s a big reason why Inside Out, the studio’s first new offering in two years, is so important.

Pixar’s new movie is the best it’s been in years, with a bubbling-under argument that it trumps all such films that came before it and is on its way to a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars next year

As good as it is, though, the film you should actually be monitoring now is The Good Dinosaur.

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