He’s Country Now, But Steven Tyler’s ‘Love Is Your Name’ Video is Still so, Well, Steven Tyler

Before the first note is heard in Steven Tyler‘s new music video for his first country single, “Love Is Your Name,” it is quite evident that the Aerosmith frontman is not shedding his former rock status.

The video begins with a lone microphone shown in an empty arena adorned with several of Tyler’s iconic scarves. These scarves are the focal point of the video as a backstage door opens to reveal a bohemian woman holding onto them as she journeys to make it to his backwoods concert.

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Directed by Trey Fanjoy and shot outside of Nashville, “Love Is Your Name” shows Tyler standing outside a worn down front porch in the countryside before being joined by friends for an impromptu concert around a bonfire. There’s a chandelier hanging from a tree, some dream catchers and a friendly raccoon that looks on as Tyler sits between the trees.

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Tyler hasn’t completely left his rock status behind.

What else does Tyler say about his new music?


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