Hail to the Slurpee Queen Whose Kingdom is in Taylor!

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

By: Jason Raithel

7-Eleven crowned local franchisee Rani Singh as the Slurpee Queen. Rani runs the top-selling Slurpee 7-Eleven store in America and it’s right here in Taylor! Jason the 200lb. Cowboy talked with her majesty at her store earlier today.

The Slurpee Queen‘s 7-Eleven kicks out more than 1,000 Slurpees a day! She said the most popular flavors at her store are local flavors. “Right now, Faygo Rock-N-Rye, Faygo Red Pop and Vernors are the most popular flavors,” she revealed.

The Slurpee Queen even received a special tribute from Gov. Rick Snyder, recognizing her as The Slurpee Queen! In addition to winning the title, Queen Rani’s store also received some upgrades. She was given another Slurpee machine to go from 8 flavors to 12! And, the Slurpee Queen’s store is the ONLY 7-Eleven in America with the new Slurpee machine that allows you to choose between 5 flavors of Lemonade Slurpee! 

Check out the new machines and congratulate Queen Rani on her new title as the Slurpee Queen! Her 7-Eleven store is located at 20945 Ecorse Rd Taylor MI 48180.

The Slurpee Queen
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